GTR Ventures Tradetech Showcase Competition

Date: 5 September, 2018 (Day 2 of the conference)

Location: Marina Bay Sands 

Time: 11:00 to 13:00

With the trade finance market seeing a constant stream of new entrants, from invoice financing platforms to blockchain-based technology consortia, this showcase competition brought various start-ups together for the chance to “pitch” their business models, strategies and activities to a panel of expert judges. Strong emphasis was placed on innovation, efficiency and providing greater access to finance particularly for the underserved SME market.

Host: Jolyon Ellwood-Russell, Partner, Simmons & Simmons

Judging Panel:

  • Juliet Zhu, Vice President (Investment), Fosun RZ Capital Southeast Asia
  • John Bugeja, Managing Director, Trade Advisory Network (TAN)
  • Kenny Leung, President & CEO, Premium Technology
  • Joshua Cohen, Managing Director of Financial Institutions, Mitigram

Competition Entrants: 

Robert Lin, President & CEO, Seabury Trade Finance Exchange

Seabury TFX provides businesses with the freedom to run, to grow, and to succeed. As specialists in supply chain finance, the company’s expertise lies in having the “right financing product at the right place at the right period at the right price”-the Four Pillars’ of Seabury TFX. Seabury TFX excels at providing the “right financing product” as it ensures that manufacturing businesses can replenish their capital at the fastest speed and lowest cost to keep the supply chain moving. Seabury liberates businesses from the constraints of liquidity and gives them the capital necessary to be successful.

John Khaw, Co-Founder & CEO, Lucidity

Lucidity is a trade finance solutions provider in Singapore, specializing in automating manual processes and reducing the knowledge deficit that often contributes to documentation discrepancy. Lucidity’s platform enables companies to create, review and approve paper trade documents with its supply chain. Lucidity counts PSA (the world’s second largest port operator) as one of its key shareholders

Emma Weston, Co-Founder & CEO, AgriDigital

In December 2016, AgriDigital achieved the world’s first settlement of a physical agri-commodity on a blockchain between a farmer and a buyer in New South Wales, Australia and was recognised by Fintech Australia presenting AgriDigital the Excellence in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology award for 2017. AgriDigital recently launched its digital supply chain platform for the agricultural sector and continues to work with blockchain and other novel enabling technologies to bring efficiency and transparency to global supply chains

Raj Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Trade Finance Market

Singapore-based Trade Finance Market is a fintech leader in providing alternative trade finance solutions for small and medium enterprises. TFM also develops blockchain-based tools to derisk and lower the cost of trade finance transactions – including InvoiceCheck, a tool designed to reduce invoice finance fraud.

Dimitri Kouchnirenko, Founder, Incomlend

Operating in Hong Kong and Singapore, Incomlend is a global invoice exchange where companies from different countries can fund their export receivables by selling them to private investors at a discount. The platform trades in multiple currencies and offers an integrated digital receivables discounting solution to both suppliers and buyers, dynamic discounting and factoring products. Investors’ capital is protected against debtors’ credit risk by world leading credit insurers

Gideon Ong, Co-Founder, RM-Tech Co

RM Technology Co Ltd, a Fintech company setup in China from 2015. The vision of this company is to make SMEs supply chain finance simple and safe. RM Technology collaborates with commercial banks, to provide enterprises and B2B portals with a payment, accounts and settlement platform, as well as enabling low cost financing

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