GTR Ventures Tradetech Showcase @GTR Asia 2019

This exciting event brings together various start-ups to ‘pitch’ their business models, strategies and activities to a panel of expert judges. Strong emphasis will be placed on innovation, efficiency and providing greater access to financing, particularly for those most in need.

The confirmed participations for this year’s showcase so far include:

CarbonChain (UK
The CarbonChain platform allows users to track assets directly across global supply chains. Utilising smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform is able to track assets as they move from point of origin to the end customer. The CarbonChain platform has been built from the ground up to be highly scalable across multiple products and industries with opaque & easily manipulated supply chains.
Presenter: Adam Hearne (CEO & Co-Founder)

iLoan (Sri Lanka)
Founded in 2017, iLoan is an emerging fintech company that provides access to working capital for micro and SMEs in South Asian frontier markets. It has developed a proprietary loan aggregation engine and invoice verification protocol using distributed ledger technology to enhance transparency on underlying loan assets for financial institutions. The service enables lenders to reduce invoice fraud, lower processing costs and have enhanced traceability for each transaction.
Presenter: Lakshan De Silva (CEO & Co-Founder)

Obillex (UK)
Obillex is an innovative provider of trade finance solutions, with the goal of aiding SMEs to generate fast liquidity from their receivables. Their platform has been adopted by two major UK city councils and their platform provides the cutting-edge technology, support, and expertise that ensures partners get the most out of their product, as well as access to an extensive network of capital market investors.
Presenter: Harsh Khurana (CEO)

QNX Credit (China)
QNX Credit’s platform changes the traditional way of credit risk analysis and management for SMEs. Founded in 2017, the company aims to become a market leading credit risk underwriting and monitoring agency by deploying insurtech and big data analysis to support SMEs to get easy financing from various financial institutions.
Presenter: Hui Wang (Founder)

Nufin Data (Singapore)
Nufin Data is a fintech trade financing firm founded by Adera Global. With its proprietary cloud-based financing platform, NEMO, that enables connections between buyers and suppliers, Nufin Data offers alternative financing solutions to SMEs through trade related data and trade relationships. The platform was launched in April 2019 and has already funded SMEs in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia with total gross transaction value of $6 million SGD.
Presenter: Denise Ang (Managing Director)  

SourceSage (Singapore)
SourceSage is a venture-backed fintech company founded in early 2015. The SourceSage platform is a plug-and-play fintech platform which aims to allow companies to build marketplaces, payments, financing and logistics gateways. The company’s mission is to digitize and execute transactions in traditional industries which have fragmented procure-sales-to-pay processes. 
Presenter: Jian Min Sim (CEO)

Flowcast (USA)
Flowcast is a VC-backed fintech startup based in Silicon Valley (HQ) and Singapore. Its mission is to help the underserved market gain access to capital through using AI/machine learning and data sources to unlock SME finance. Flowcast’s advanced machine learning platform harnesses untapped complex data to automate credit decisioning. Smartcredit’s proprietary machine learning algorithms can draw on more diverse data types, more detailed, and up-to-date company data to provide credit-decisioning on thin-file, credit invisible SMEs. 
Presenter: Ken So (Founder & CEO)


Our Panel of Expert Judges Include:

Moderator: Ow Kim Kit (Partner at Bird & Bird

Jun Nitta (Co-Head of Financial Services Sector Funds at IFC Asset Management)

Lawrence Loh (Managing Director and Head of Group Business Banking at UOB)

Ricard Marzo (Venture Analyst at Amplifier Lab)

Jasmine Ng (CEO Fintech at Razer)


At the end of the day, the winners in two categories: ‘Most Bankable’ and ‘Most Sustainable’ will be announced.


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We thank AWS for making available up to US$10,000 of startup promotional credits for this showcase.

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