Orbitt Capital

Sector: Transaction Banking, Investment Banking

Activity: Deal origination platform for Africa focused capital

Founders: Lanre Oloniniyi, William Hunnam

Offices: London, Mauritius

Key markets: Africa


Orbitt is a digital deal origination and processing platform focused on Africa. Their sector agnostic platform originates tailored investment opportunities for Africa-focused investors, whilst helping African companies get matched to the right type of funding for their capital raise.

About the Founders

Lanre has over 15 years’ investment experience doing business between Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Prior to co-founding Orbitt, Lanre was involved in originating investment ideas and raising the required capital to grow start-ups in Africa, including Sankuru, First African Gold and Tranergy Capital. He also worked at BP, Subsea 7 and Citi in the UK. Lanre holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Ado, an MSc degree in Energy Economics from the University of Dundee, UK and an MBA from University of Cambridge, UK.

William has over a decade of experience in finance, investment management, and private equity. He co-founded Orbitt after experiencing first hand the frustrations of being an M&A advisor working in a number of sectors across the Africa continent. Now passionately driving digitisation in Africa’s investment ecosystem, to further improve the efficient allocation of capital for economic growth and development on the continent. 

Website: https://orbitt.capital

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